Simon Hengeveld

Who am I?

I am a Computer Scientist, with a master's and bachelor's degree from Utrecht Univeristy. I am currently pursuing a PhD at the Université de Rennes 1, under the supervision of Dr. Antonio Mucherino. The PhD is on the topic of protein structure determination by exploiting distances obtained from NMR experiments. Using distances to compute structures is known as Distance Geometry. Distance Geometry can be applied to a wide range of things, which is reflected by the different topics of our publications, which include optical computing, variable neighbourhood search and computer animation. As part of the Summer of Math Exposition 2, we made a video entry which explains the concept of Distance Geometry. The video was voiced and edited by me, and the storyboard was written together with my PhD supervisor, Dr. Antonio Mucherino. The video can be found on YouTube, and is embedded below.

Simon Hengeveld
Simon Hengeveld 2 Pictures by Sofia Rosero Abad ©

Hobbies and why this website was created

I have an affinity for web and mobile development, history and travelling. Combining these three interests lead to the development of a (free) mobile application for iOS, which helps the user visit and find information about Unesco world heritage sites, as well as letting them track which sites they have visited or want to see. A version for Android is in the works as well.

The aforementioned mobile application is the direct movation for the creation of this website: Apple requires developers to publish the terms and conditions for their application on a website. A second reason for the existence of this website is so that I can perhaps rank higher in the Google search results than a pesky Dutch namesake (a dentist with the same name). Simon, if you are reading this, I hope you understand!


E-mail: s.b.hengeveld[at]